2 Pieces by Peter B

The intent of this document is to show how Peter B uses
virtual tools to create content, in collaboration with his
best friends, his band, and his wife. 

The first piece, Tourbillons,

is a classical composition, numerically expressing some core
truths of French music at the time of Cezanne/ this piece
is part of Sejayno's opera, "Cezanno"

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The original performance from the opera, Cezanno:
The thus composed Finale NotePad file:
Finally, a rendering from midi, revealing new truths about the piece:
tourbillons_finale.wav (8bit 8000_oldskool)

This next piece is based around a performance situation which my wife devised, where elastic tendrils connect said dancer to a flex sensor.  The sensor, called a chub, is developed at a new, digital venture, shbobo.net, where we are focusing on the "semiotics of squish".  The DSP was realized in Max/MSP, and it is intended to portray a series of states of mind during pregnancy.

The symbolism in the Jitter animations is of bodies within bodies.  When the outer bodies resonate, so do the inner bodies.  This was achieved by modeling the resonances of a state variable filter, on the sub-haptic level, to make maximum response out of those energies released in Ayako's dancing.  Through the elastic tendrils, each of four limbs (hand foot foot hand) is thus processed and manifested as dialectically tonal/atonal sounds, and also, via Jitter, as four globular and jiggling orbs that each contain a perfect smaller-self within.


Ayako, my wife, on her pregnancy:

"there are some magical things about being pregnant. being two as one was very special. even when i wasn't even showing, i was noticing little reactions that he made inside me. i could feel a pain, when i saw a baby on street and it was kirito responding to another young spirit in outer-world.

his kicks and hick-ups sometimes lasted for half an hour. the gravity and the weight of him affected my entire body as a whole. i was getting bigger and bigger. my body wasn't only mine, it was a chamber for him.

birthing him was even more extraordinary. i told you over and over that i felt like i was connecting to the universe when he was coming through me."

babier 1 darkest
babier 2 denality
babier 3 anxie

babier 4 fourse-trial
babier 5 lacrimarae
babier 6 pittiration

babier 7 sh'dark
babier 8 orbesterror
babier 9 hast

Ayako Kataoka, Dance
Performing the piece at High Zero 2010
babier 10 finalis-hirajoushi
Photo by Stew Mostofsky,
thanks to High Zero Foundation

the polygon patch models an analog state variable filter
at haptic frequencies (the speed of HID polling),
and translates its (usually sub-sonic) resonances
into the dancing shapes.

Main Max window is a typical "console n' presets"

the USB HID transducer for elasticity (prototype)
developed at